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    Jessica passed the Advanced Sommelier Exam in 2016 with the highest score, granting her the Rudd Scholarship. She also passed the Master Sommelier exam in 2018, however, due to an exam tampering scandal, and a portion of the exam being voided, she cannot use the title until she conquers the tasting portion of the exam again. Jessica was one of the few to accomplish the feat before turning 30 years of age and even fewer as a woman. Jessica became a WSET 3 Wine Educator in 2018 and most recently became a WSET 3 Sake Educator in 2019. Other credentials she has achieved are Spanish Wine Scholar (2021), Certified CBD Consultant (2021), French Wine Scholar Instructor (2019), WSET 2 Award in Spirits (2018), Advanced Sake Professional (2017), Italian Wine Professional Instructor (2016), and Certified Beer Server (2015). ​ It is Jessica's ambition to utilize her skills and knowledge to mentor others wanting to learn and grow in the business, and to inspire others to do what they love. In September of 2020, Jessica launched JWaugh Education to help aide students of all levels expand their beverage knowledge. INTERVIEWS Adam Etchegoyen More Than Somm VRLU JESSICA WAUGH Owner/Founder Jessica Waugh, fell in love with wine at an early age and, although trained in architecture as a certified residential architect, she decided to make her passion for wine, her career. She has been the Assistant Director of Wine Education for SGWS Nevada since 2016. Before moving into education, she was a sommelier, most recently for Gordon Ramsay at his steakhouse on the Las Vegas strip. Prior to Gordon Ramsay Steak, she fulfilled many wine roles in prestigious restaurants such as Aureole, Nove Italiano, and N9NE Steakhouse, including Wine Director and lead sommelier. Having been an F&B professional for over 15 years, Jessica has worked every position from busser to general manager, finding her true calling as a sommelier. Rudd Round Table 2017 PRESS LINKS SevenFifty - New Master Somms Share their Study Tips Vegas Wine Awards Chicago Gourmet Southern Glazers Sake Level One Tasting Panel Magazine Guild Somm The SOMM Journal Kate Lynn Bonzer -Gordon Ramsey Review ​ ​ Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, Young Sommelier Competition 2016 Regional Winner Press Release 2014 Regional Winner Press Release

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    ARE YOU READY TO TAKE YOUR BEVERAGE EDUCATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Do you want to learn the basics of wine or sake, are you studying for an examination, do you want to dive in deep and get geeky, either way we have a resource for you! Study with Certified Educator, Jessica Waugh, to take your knowledge to the next level. CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT OUR RESOURCES JESSICA WAUGH Owner/Founder Jessica has a passion for teaching and sharing her love of wine and sake with others. Her super power is making wine and sake approachable to all audiences. Jessica has been teaching the basics, advanced courses, mentoring students for certifications, and training up and coming professionals in the industry since 2016. LEARN MORE At JWaugh Education our mission is to expand the awareness of wine and sake to all audiences around the world. To help individuals of all levels increase their knowledge, pursue their passions, aide in certification studies, or assist with advancement through their beverage journey. From beginner to expert, from connoisseur to professional, we are here for you. CHECK OUT OUR CLASSES LEARN WHAT CERTIFICATION IS RIGHT FOR YOU HOW WE SUPPORT THE BEVERAGE COMMUNITY CHECK OUT OUR RESOURCES LEARN ABOUT OUR EDUCATION PLANS INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP TRAINING

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    SAKE RESOURCES Sake is a confusing subject for many. This sake resource aims to make the subject easier to understand by breaking down all aspects of sake into individual elements. The first section is geared toward beginner and intermediate students and available to all members. Membership is free, just create an account by clicking the blue icon in the top right corner. The study guides below are deep dives into each subject and geared toward advanced students. ​ ​ CLICK EACH PICTURE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION SAKE 101 SAKE 201 SAKE GLOSSARY STORAGE & SERVICE LABELING & LAWS TASTING REGIONALITY BRANDS MORE EDUCATION STUDY GUIDES The below study guides are master level, deep dives into each subject, available to all Industry Plan Members . ​ RICE K Ō JI WATER YEAST STARTERS FERMENTATION FINISHING METHODS STYLES & SPECIALTY HISTORY & INDUSTRY SAKE CLASSES These classes range from entry to advanced level information to expand students' knowledge of the world of sake. Class recordings will be uploaded within two weeks of the live course and accessible to all Beginner and Industry Plan Members . Class prices are listed at $40 each, however, to help support you and your thirst for knowledge in these uncertain times, we created the below codes to reduce the price to what you are comfortable paying at the time of booking. SAKE5 = $5 off SAKE10 = $10 off SAKE15 = $15 off SAKE20 = $20 off SAKE25 = $25 off SAKE30 = $30 off SAKE35 = $35 off SAKE40 = $40 off SAKE 101 ​ ​ This class is an introduction to sake. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to freshen up on their sake knowledge. ​ ​ ​ CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE CLASS RECORDING SAKE 201 ​ ​ This class will build upon what we discussed in Sake 101. Great for beginners or anyone wanting to freshen up on their sake knowledge. ​ ​ ​ ​ DATES COMING SOON ALL ABOUT RICE ​ ​ This is an in depth class all about rice. We will discuss anatomy, production, preparation, and break down the most common rice varieties used for sake production. ​ ​ ​ DATES COMING SOON ALL ABOUT KŌ JI ​ ​ This is an in depth class all about kōji. We will discuss all things kōji from what it is, how it is made, and how it affects the sake. ​ ​ ​ DATES COMING SOON ALL ABOUT FERMENTATION ​ ​ This is an in depth class all about fermentation. We will discuss starters, building the moromi, fermentation, optional finishing techniques, and the common styles of sake produced. ​ ​ ​ DATES COMING SOON REGIONALITY ​ ​ This is an in depth class all about sake regionality. In this class we will discuss the major sake production regions along with influencing factors such as climate, local ingredients, guilds, and more. ​ ​ ​ DATES COMING SOON

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