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Ruster Ausbruch becomes a DAC on the western bank of Lake Neusiedlersee in Burgenland, Austria.

RUSTER AUSBRUCH DAC Only trockenbeerenauslese style sweet wines may be labeled Ruster Ausbruch DAC. Dry wines made within the city of Rust may be labeled under the Leithaberg DAC. ​ DAC Established: 2020 (Effective October 7, 2020) Hectares Planted: 412 hectares Minimum Must Weight: 30° KMW Minimum Residual Sugar: 45 g/L Soil: Leitha limestone (north), along with quartz-rich, “Ruster gravel” and sand (south) Geographical Influences: Lake Neusiedlersee and Leitha Mountains Grape Varieties: One or more approved white varieties: Chardonnay, Furmint, Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), Muskateller (Muscat), Neuburger, Traminer, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), and Welschriesling. ​

REQUIREMENTS: Grapes must be grown within the Rust city limits Grapes must be harvested by hand Grapes must be nobly affected by Botrytis cinerea Wines must be vintage dated Wine must be bottled in a glass bottle Wine may not be bottled until after the 1st of April, the year following the harvest


SOURCES: Austrian Wine Ruster Ausbruch DAC


Date Published: October 21, 2020

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