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The amount of degree days over 50°F, during the growing season, April 1st to October 31st in the northern hemisphere and October 1 to April 30 in the southern hemisphere. For each degree over 50°F the region received one degree day. This number is then added and the sum indicated the climate zone for the region:


Region Ia - 1500 to 2000°F degree days (850 to 1111°C)

Region Ib - 2001 to 2500°F degree days (1112 to 1389°C)

Region II - 2501 to 3000°F degree days (1390 to 1667°C)

Region III - 3001 to 3500°F degree days (1668 to 1944°C)

Region IV - 3501 to 4000°F degree days (1945 to 2222°C)

Region V - 4000 to 5000°F degree days (2223 to 2700°C)


Central Otago, New Zealand

Champagne, France

Kent, England

Kremstal, Austria

Leelanau Peninsula, Michigan

Nova Scotia, Canada

Okanagan Valley, Canada

Puget Sound, Washington

Rio Negro, Argentina

Ruwer, Germany

Sussex, England

Tasmania, Australia

Valais, Switzerland

REGION IB Adelaide Hills, Australia Alsace, France Baden, Germany Burgundy, France Central Coast, California Muscadet, France Marlborough, New Zealand Niagara Peninsula, Canada Rhine Valley, Germany Ribera del Duero, Spain Savoie, France Tokaj, Hungary Willamette Valley, Oregon Yarra Valley, Australia ​ ​

REGION II Alto Adige, Italy Bordeaux, France Columbia Valley, Washington Coonawarra, Australia Curico Valley, Chile Douro Valley, Portugal Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Piedmont, Italy Rias Baixas, Spain Walker Bay ​ ​ ​REGION III Barossa Valley, Australia Clare Valley, Australia Friuli, Italy Margaret River, Australia McLaren Vale, Australia Mendocino, California Monticello, Virginia Northern Rhone, France Paso Robles, California Rioja, Spain Rutherglen, Australia Sonoma Valley, California Thracian Valley, Bulgaria Umbria, Italy ​ ​

REGION IV Alentejo, Portugal Catalunya, Spain Corsica, France Hunter Valley, Australia Lisbon, Portugal Languedoc, France Napa Valley, California Northern Sonoma, California Roussillon, France Southern Rhone, France Stellenbosch, South Africa Tuscany, Italy Veneto, Italy ​ ​

REGION V Jerez, Spain Lodi, California Madeira, Portugal Puglia, Italy Patras, Greece Sardinia, Italy Sicily, Italy

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