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WSET has different levels of learning from Level One to Level Four including wine, sake, and spirits. These courses come with a book that guides you through the programs, along with optional online or in person guided courses offered for each program. Level One and Two are great for anyone just starting their education journey, Level Three and Four are great for anyone serious about getting in to the wine industry. 


The Court of Master Sommeliers is a 4 level program including Introductory Sommelier, Certified Sommelier, Advanced Sommelier, and Master Sommelier. This program is great for anyone who desires to work in restaurants, as this is a service based program. This is a self-study program that does not offer guided courses. It does, however, have supplemental workshops that assist with exam preparation.


The MW program is a very intensive program that begins with an exam to be accepted into the institute. Once accepted, a syllabus and mentor is assigned to each student, however, each student is in charge of their own study schedule. This program differs from the CMS, as the focuses are international wine business, viticulture, vinification, and much more. This program is great for anyone with mastery knowledge of, and experience in, the wine industry.


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This is a two level course. The first is Certified Sake Professional which is offered in the US. The second is the Advanced Sake Professional which is only offered in Japan. Both of which are highly sought after for working professionals in the sake industry.

WSET has two programs for sake currently. Level One and Level Three. Level One will give you all the basics of sake and provide you with proper knowledge for every day sake details. Level Three is a large leap and much more intensive, with the addition of essays and tasting examinations. This program includes some of the most detailed information in the business.