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We have put together this page with our favorite resources including our coloring books, Jessica's hand drawn maps, and website recommendations for ease of your studies.

Wine Map Coloring Books


Fully customizable black and white wine maps with tips and tricks on how to optimize your studies with maps. Each included map has black and white labeled maps and fully blank maps for you to color and label in your own unique way.


Finding one map that has all the details needed for studying can be challenging.

Jessica has hand drawn wine regions maps from all around the world, specifically designed to aide in your certification studies.

The maps and diagrams on this site are the intellectual property of JWaugh Education. The images provided here may be used non-commercially, by any user for their own personal education. These images are not to be published in any manner without the express permission of JWaugh Education. 

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“SommGeo was born out of the concept that everything in the world of wine, spirits, sake, and beer originated from a physical place. Whether you want to learn about Burgundy, Napa Valley, Piedmont, Sherry, or Scotch; wineries and distilleries have physical locations that you can navigate to, both physically and virtually. The Diagram is a 3D experience of the wine and spirits world, where you can view an entire region or zoom in on a single vineyard, down to the meter. Read up on technical information on the associated area and producers by clicking on pop-up links. Delve into detail on varietals, bottlings, climate, vintages, production techniques, terms, soils, history, laws, parcel connections, producer summaries, and other information to make you the best professional you can be. Your virtual travels will be the next-best-thing to being there.   – Greg Van Wagner

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