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This 12-month undated hourly study planner is designed to help bring structure to those studying for wine certifications.

Included in this study planner:
- Wine Certifications Check List
- Study Optimization Techniques
- Exam Preparation Techniques
- Study Topics
- Theory Check List
- Tasting Check List
- Life Balance Focus
- Goal Setting & Engineering
- Reflective Questions

Jessica Waugh, the founder of JWaugh Education, has a passion for teaching and sharing her love of wine and beverages with others. Jessica has been teaching beginner and advanced courses, mentoring students for certifications, and training professionals in the industry since 2016. In 2022, Jessica also became a Master Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Nutrition Coach and with this planner is able to combine both of her passions, wine and wellness.

At JWaugh Education our mission is to expand the awareness of wine and other beverages to all audiences around the world. To help individuals of all levels increase their knowledge, pursue their passions, aide in certification studies, or assist with advancement through their beverage journey. From beginner to expert, from connoisseur to professional, we are here for you.

We are so thankful to be a part of your education journey. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place!

Wine Study Planner - Undated Hourly

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