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All Wine Map Coloring Books + Your choice of Wine Study Planner and Wine Tasting Journal option.


Fully customizable blank maps of France, Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Southern Hemisphere, North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East with tips and tricks on how to optimize your studies with maps. Each has a black and white labeled maps and a fully blank maps for you to color and label in your own unique way.


Your choice of tasting journal (deductive or guided calibration): Blind tasting can be seen as a magic trick from the outside. From the inside, it is merely identifying key clues and logically deducing what the wine could be from those clues. This wine journal will give you tools, techniques, resources, and checklists to increase your deductive tasting abilities and set you up for success!


Your choice of undated study planner (monthly, weekly, or hourly) all of which are designed to help bring structure to those studying for wine certifications and include:
- Wine Certifications Check List
- Study Optimization Techniques
- Learning Styles
- Exam Preparation Techniques
- Study Topics
- Theory Check List
- Tasting Check List
- Life Balance Focus
- Goal Setting & Engineering
- Reflective Questions


Valued at $240

Complete Wine Geek Bundle

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