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We believe everyone can become a great taster, all it takes is practice. We created this guided calibration journal with the hope of providing you with a tool that can enhance your practice and help you achieve your tasting goals.


Blind tasting can be seen as a magic trick from the outside. From the inside, it is merely identifying key clues and logically deducing what the wine could be from those clues. As such, we refer to blind tasting as deductive tasting. This journal will give you tools, techniques, resources, and checklists to increase your deductive tasting abilities and set you up for success!


Included in this wine journal:

- Tasting 101 Guides

- Deductive Tasting Basics

- Tasting Preparation Techniques

- Reflective Questions

- Wine Checklists

- Tasting Consistency Tracker

- Comparative Wine Themes

- Notes Pages

- Guided Calibration Journal Pages

- Classic Wine Appendix


Guided Calibration Tasting Journal

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