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A guide to sake certifications, organizations, and recommended resources.



This is a two level course. The first is Certified Sake Professional (CSP) which is offered in the US. The second is the Advanced Sake Professional (ASP) which is only offered in Japan. A masters program is currently being designed. All of which are highly sought after for working professionals in the sake industry.

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WSET has two programs for sake currently. Level One and Level Three. Level One will give you all the basics of sake and provide you with proper knowledge for every day sake details. Level Three is a large leap and much more intensive, with the addition of essays and tasting examinations. This program includes some of the most detailed information in the business. 

The Japan Sommelier Association Sake Diploma is an extensive qualification for both sake and shochu. This unique program is designed specifically from the standpoint of a sommelier. Created to elevate service standards and increase overall knowledge of these two products. Offered in both Japanese and English.

The Sake Sommelier Association has a comprehensive list of courses to suit all levels. The programs bring an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals while at the same time receiving serious career development. Each course, from introductory to master, has been developed as a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with a cultural, historical, social, and economic framework to succeed in the rapidly developed sake industry.


The Sake Scholar is a new course dedicated to exploring the sake regions of Japan. This advanced course is designed for sake experts and professionals. It will tell sake’s story through a variety of narratives, notably through curated tastings of hard to find sakes and shochu, from all 47 Japanese prefectures. Students will feel like they have travelled the sake world by the end of the course and have a solid understanding of Japan’s fascinating sake corners.

In order to meet the demand from an increasing number of sake fans, Sake Service Institute has made it their mission to empower sake representatives worldwide to have the confidence to sell and spread the joy of sake to others. The Certified Sake Advisor and the Certified Sake Sommelier courses are geared towards hospitality industry professionals as well as serious sake enthusiasts. 



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