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The Birth of NeuroSips™ - Embracing Neurodiversity in the Beverage Industry

Welcome to NeuroSips™, an online community dedicated to embracing neurodiversity within the beverage industry.

Our Creation

Jessica first discovered the importance of neurodiversity through her work as a coach for struggling teens in 2021. As she researched resources & materials to better support her students, she realized that she, too, was neurodivergent. Her crazy ways of studying and doing things so differently than others finally made sense! This realization helped her understand and build a deeper connection with herself and her students! To build upon her current neurodivergence coaching skills, she is undergoing an 18-month adult neurodivergence coaching certification to enhance her understanding and ability to help others.

Cut to the world of wine. After teaching a class on Study Techniques and participating in TEXSOM's Sommer Camp 2023, Jessica recognized the prevalence of neurodiversity within the beverage industry. Seeing her journey and insecurities and story mirrored in so many others, she felt a strong pull to create a platform where all neurodivergent students could feel connected, supported, and empowered to embrace their unique selves.

We will be launching this new platform in phases and are so excited to provide valuable guidance and assistance within the our community. Please share this with anyone who you think will benefit from this community & tell us about your neurodivergence experience and what you hope to see on this platform in the comments below,

Our Mission

At NeuroSips™, our mission is to foster inclusivity, collaboration, and positive change within the beverage industry. We believe in celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives that neurodiversity brings, and we strive to create a supportive platform where beverage professionals can connect, learn, and grow.

Our Vision

We envision a beverage industry that values and embraces neurodiversity, where individuals are empowered to reach their full potential. Through education, collaboration, and open dialogue, we aim to cultivate an environment where diverse perspectives thrive, innovation flourishes, and positive change becomes the norm.

What We Offer

In the coming blogs, we will explore a wide range of topics related to neurodiversity, beverage industry trends, personal growth, and professional development. Our aim is to provide valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories that empower you to embrace your unique self and make a meaningful impact in the industry.

  1. Community Connection: NeuroSips™ provides a vibrant online community where beverage professionals can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and build valuable relationships.

  2. Knowledge Sharing: We believe in the power of knowledge. NeuroSips™ offers a platform for mentorship, education, and the exchange of ideas, empowering members to expand their skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends.

  3. Support and Collaboration: We foster a culture of support and collaboration, encouraging members to help one another, share insights, and collaborate on projects. Together, we can achieve more.

  4. Inclusive Environment: NeuroSips™ is committed to creating an inclusive environment where all members are respected, valued, and heard. We actively promote acceptance, rejecting exclusion or judgment.

Become a NeuroSips™ Ninja

Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring beverage enthusiast, or simply passionate about neurodiversity in the industry, we invite you to join our community. Together, let's create a positive impact, drive innovation, and shape the future of the beverage industry.


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